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We know the busier you get, the harder it can be to take care of your health. Your Pharmacist is a trained health professional, who can offer expert care and advice and a range of services to keep you feeling good and looking great. View our range of Services and book online today!

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Unichem Services

AIA Vitality Health Check

Getting a snapshot of your health can be done at your local Pharmacy. 

Unichem Services

COVID-19 Vaccination

Everyone aged 5 and over can get a free COVID-19 vaccine now. You can get a booster if you are aged 16 or over.

Unichem Services

Blood Pressure Check

Hypertension is known as the silent killer, if left untreated it can increase the risk of certain diseases.

Unichem Services

Covid-19 Anti Virals

Available for those eligible without a prescription.

Unichem Services

Bowel Health Screening

Bowel health screening is a simple test that can detect bowel cancer early, when it is most treatable. 

Unichem Services

Ear Piercing

Looking for a professional quality Ear Piercing Services?

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