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Did you know that 8 out of 10 sore throats in adults are because of a virus that can’t be treated with antibiotics? ** Antibiotics are important medicines that are used to treat serious bacterial infections and when used correctly, they save lives. Unfortunately, they are often taken when they aren’t needed and are frequently being overused to treat simple illnesses including sore throats. In fact, over the last 10 years, antibiotic use in New Zealand has dramatically increased.


To help this problem, Unichem and Life Pharmacy in association with Strepfen, Strepsils, Mucinex and Lemsip are providing a quick consultation service from Monday 27 May – Sunday 18 August for people aged 19 years or older with sore throats*. Our pharmacy team will provide you with a consultation to assess your symptoms and if required, conduct a quick and easy throat swab to determine whether your sore throat is viral or bacterial and whether you need to visit the Doctor for antibiotics.


So if you have a sore throat, aged 19 years or older and you've tested negative for Covid-19, get in contact with your local Unichem or Life Pharmacy below to check their availability for Sore Throat Consultations.*

Find your Local Participating pharmacies below
Unichem Botany Pharmacy
(09) 272 7706
Unichem Mainstreet Pharmacy
(09) 535 6739
Unichem Kelston Medical Pharmacy
(09) 818 5345
Unichem Panmure Pharmacy
(09) 527 7719
Unichem Manly Pharmacy
(09) 424 7708
Unichem Dennis Hanna Pharmacy
(09) 444 8681
Unichem Browns Rd Pharmacy
(09) 268 4527
Unichem Apollo Pharmacy
(09) 476 9016
Unichem Coxs 7 Day Pharmacy
(09) 528 5117
Unichem Golf Road Pharmacy
(09) 817 7053
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Terms and Conditions

*Follow government regulations on wearing a face mask, practicing good hygiene & social distancing if you are unwell. If you have COVID-19 please follow the advice from the Ministry of Health and stay home. Testing kits subject to availability.


**1.Bisno AL. Acute pharyngitis. N Engl J Med. 2001 Jan 18;344(3):205-11. 2. Georgalas C and Margaritis E. BMJ Best Practice Tonsillitis available at Strepsils - for relief of sore throats. Strepfen - for painful and swollen sore throats. Do not sure Strepfen if you have a stomach ulcer. Mucinex - for chesty cough relief. Lemsip helps treat symptoms of cold and flu. Reckitt Benckiser, Auckland.

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