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10 tips to minimize your risk of allergic reactions

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Sniffing, sneezing, itchy eyes – if you suffer from allergies then the outdoors may not be your favorite place. Though it’s not just grass and tree pollen that can trigger a reaction – other common allergens include dust and dust mites, pet hair, and molds.

While the best treatment is to avoid the allergen in the first place, that’s not always possible so here are ten simple tips to help minimize your risk:

  • Identify activities or allergens that seem to bring on your reaction and limit exposure to these activities

  • Avoid grassy areas (especially freshly cut grass) and stay indoors if possible when pollen counts are high

  • Wear sunglasses when going outside to help keep pollen out of your eyes

  • Start your allergy treatments early if you know you are prone to allergies

  • Use mite proof mattresses and pillow covers

  • If dust is a trigger, think about using pull-down shades in your home as they collect less dust than slatted blinds or drapes

  • Wash bedding, pillows and stuffed toys regularly

  • Avoid keeping a pet or keep them out of bedrooms and off upholstered furniture

  • Wash your hands and face and also wipe pets down with a damp cloth after being outside to remove pollen or grasses that may have landed on your skin or pet’s fur

  • Boost your immune system with natural health products that contain Vitamin C, garlic and horseradish

Visit your local Unichem for expert advice on the allergy relief and supplements that are right for you.


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