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6 steps to breaking bad habits

Living Well had a chat with Jessica Campbell to gain some insight into weight management and how pre-existing habits can hamper your efforts. Pick up the latest issue of Living Well at your local Unichem – it’s full of inspirational ideas, products and information to live well every day.

1. Change your mindset

Many people opt for the latest fad diet when they want to manage their weight, and are left feeling disappointed. Instead, shift your mindset from weight loss to how you want to feel. Strive for improved energy, clear skin and better health.

2. Start a food diary

Keep a detailed diary over seven days then look for patterns – are you skipping meals? Eating enough veggies? Allowing yourself healthy snacks to keep you going until dinnertime? Do you drink enough water?

3. Make a list

Jot down the bad habits you think are preventing weight loss. Common habits are: I drink wine most nights of the week to relax; I forget lunch and then find myself at a café or bakery; I don’t eat afternoon tea and overeat at dinner time.

4. Now prioritise

Rank your habits from the most important to change, to those that can wait. Then rank them from the easiest to change, to the most difficult.

5. Start making changes

Start with a habit that is easy to change. To break or modify a habit you need to address a few things:

  • The way you think: Your self-talk needs to be positive. Be your own best cheerleader.

  • The way you act: Replace behaviour that you ‘default’ to. If you forget to eat breakfast, start rising 15 minutes earlier and avoid checking your phone until after you’ve eaten.

  • Your environment: If you usually meet friends over wine, meet for coffee instead.

6. Hit rewind

Some habits may take a few weeks to modify so keep referring to this list!

Your Unichem Pharmacist can help you work out a personalized weight management plan – have a chat at your next visit.


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