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New Home Fertility Test for Men

As many as one in five healthy young men have an abnormal sperm quality. This can be a key factor behind the challenges facing couples when trying to conceive. The good news is, a new test is available from Unichem that tests your sperm quality in the privacy of your own home.

Many men may be reluctant to visit a hospital or clinic to get their sperm tested and some find it inconvenient and a little embarrassing.

SwimCount is the first home test available that not only tests the quantity of sperm, but also the sperm cells' motility (ability to swim). The ability of a sperm cell to swim is a key factor in achieving pregnancy.

Within 30 minutes of taking the test, the color indicates whether the motile sperm quantity is above or below the World Health Organization threshold for normal sperm (5 million motile sperms per milliliter). SwimCount provides 96% accuracy (sensitivity) when comparing the results of SwimCount with that of microscopy1.

It does not replace a full evaluation of male fertility performed by a doctor or fertility professional, but can give you an easy and reliable answer which could avoid any embarrassing or inconvenient further testing if not necessary. Any abnormal SwimCount result would need to to be further analyzed by a professional.

Talk to your Unichem Pharmacist to see if a SwimCount sperm quality test could be right for you or your partner.

The SwimCount Test will be available at selected Unichem pharmacies from 19 October.


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