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Quick tips for a healthy man!

Updated: Apr 30

It’s time to man up and take charge of your health. Every 3 hours, one NZ man dies from a preventable illness.

Below are some handy tips to staying on top of your game:

  • Drink more water – most of us live our lives a little dehydrated. By drinking a little more water every day, you will start to feel better.

  • Exercise regularly – a healthy diet and regular exercise is important to feeling great.

  • Eat actual food regularly, the odd treat is OK – you don’t put diesel in your petrol car. Treat your body with the same respect to keep it running at it’s best.

  • Peace of mind – our brains are programmed to remember the bad, not the good. If you let bad thoughts consume you for longer than 48 hours you are more likely to spiral out into a bad place. A good trick to shifting your mind back to the logical left side is by writing and making lists. Also talk to your mates and loved ones.

  • Get a check-up – when did you last check your blood pressure? There’s no better time than now to start. Blood pressure checks, and other health services, can be done at your local Unichem and Life Pharmacy, no appointment needed.


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